• 60-minute energy forecast (audio)
  • 15 minute mid-month podcast (audio)
  • 10-minute meditation (audio)
  • Key dates calendar 
  • Journal prompts
  • Monthly affirmations
  • Action steps 
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Every month I use my intuitive gifts as well as my study of the cosmic weather to offer guidance to the collective.

My intention is to share practical and tangible advice and tools so that you can move through each day feeling of empowered and connected.

This survival kit gives you practices, tools, and wisdom so you can understand the lessons you are being called to learn and live in alignment with what the Universe wants for you.

Lots of love,


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"Hannah is able to transmit this powerful wisdom in such a receivable way. I have already made shifts in my life which are greatly helping me"

"It's like an energetic upgrade. I love the monthly affirmations and exercises as they challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow."

What's included...

  • Learn the big energy themes for the month
  • Learn key dates for manifesting, entering relationships, taking risks, reviewing the past, and more...
  • Listen to the guided meditation whenever you need some calm and bliss in your life
  • Use the journal prompts to align you with the monthly energy
  • Affirm this month's affirmations to instill a positive mindset
  • Support your own self-growth with this month's actionable practices


Practical advice, key dates, journalling prompts, meditations + spiritual insights.

Move through each day feeling empowered + supported!

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